The Ultimate Launch System for Entrepreneurs

Create, Launch, and Sell Out your products and programs.
Build a brand no one can ignore.


You know you need to launch,
but something’s holding you back.

Maybe you’ve never launched before, and you’re feeling totally overwhelmed right now.
Or maybe you have launched before… and things didn’t go as planned.
Or maybe launching was so stressful, you wondered if it was worth doing ever again.
Let’s face it: putting your work out there (for the first time, or again) is hard.

No matter how much research you do, worst case scenarios run through your head non-stop.
You’re also terrified that lackluster results might damage your passion, reputation, and your business.

Either way, though, the writing’s on the wall:
If you want to make moves in your business, and build a brand that gets you seen, heard, and paid the way you should be – you’ve gotta launch, and you’ve gotta do it right.

But you don’t want to wade through 100 blog posts and freebie “formulas” that don’t work anymore.
(Besides, you’re SO over that.)
You don’t want to waste time on webinars or eBooks to generate leads if your people don’t want them.
You don’t want to beta test if you don’t know what kind of feedback you should be asking for and applying.
You don’t want to sink mad cash into designers, copywriters, or strategists, only to have your launch end up dead in the water.
And you know what?
You’re absolutely right.

That’s why my team and I built you
exactly what you need.


The Ultimate Launch System for Entrepreneurs

Create, Launch, and Sell Out your products and programs.
Build a brand no one can ignore.

This self-study training is stacked with everything you need to launch with finesse and masterful intention, every time.

(Even if it’s your first time.)

It’s all organized into 5 Playbooks we’ve packed to the brim with the same step-by-step systems my brand experience agency uses to build 6, 7, and 8 figure launches and funnels for the biggest names around.
This is a no-BS, zero-fluff course on what it really takes to launch well, and with 100% intention. You’ll get exactly what you need to plan and execute your launches with more ease, please, and more money made — not lost.
Each module includes real-world examples, exercises, and blueprints to help you understand the process of launching the way the pros do; so you can stop sweating the details, and start taking strategic action sooner.

I’ve spent almost two decades helping big love brands (like yours)
launch to their biggest-ever audience and profits.

Now, it’s your turn.


Here’s a peek at what’s under the hood:
Examples of launching leads magnets from the masters (everything from webinars, to books, to quizzes and challenges), so your tribe grows, gets engaged, and can’t wait to buy what you’re selling.

Strategies for beta testing, and revealing your product to focus groups, so you can get the feedback you need, and put out your best stuff out there, without fail.

The best ways to launch depending on your offering; whether it’s a live event, video training, livestream, online program, mastermind etc.

PLUS epic bonuses galore, like my Copywriting Hacks Course, and Brand Ecosystem Guide to help you build “set it and forget it” sales funnels.

Check this list of Launch Leaders
Who’ve We’ve Helped Make Millions…

LisaLisa Nichols
LisaFLisa Fabrega
hillaryHillary Rushford
NishaMNisha Moodley
SarahJSarah Jenks
SteveHSteve Harvey
Wouldn’t you want access to same launch system used to power their brands?
We thought so.
Meet your chief Launch Leader, Jennifer
a.k.a Jen Kem
I’m Jen Kem – the brains behind Launch Leader, and a brand experience builder who specializes in turning small-time businesses (like yours) turn into global phenomena.

I’ve spent the last 17+ years test driving concepts and strategies galore, and growing my client’s brands andmy own into the 6 and 7-figure profit range. How did it happen? The power of launching.

Now, with those years of experience behind me, I’ve cracked the code of powerful, profitable launches that make you and your business impossible to ignore – a code I’m handing over to you in Launch Leader. I’m here to help you perfect your own launch processes, so you can make the most of your personality, expertise, and unforgettable style every time you roll out. It’s a system I use every day in my own business; and the backbone of a brand strategy that stands the test of time. I don’t want to just teach you how to launch – I want to teach you how to master your intention, test out your product or offering to hone it to perfection, grow an excited tribe ready to buy from you, and craft strategies that are as unique as you and your offerings.

You’ll get real-world launch examples from the best in the business, beta testing strategies, best practices and blueprints for every type of product or service, and bonuses galore.

The goal? To help you launch – consistently and persistently – so you can grow your audience, your bank account, and credibility to the level you deserve.

If you want to take your place on the global stage, and bring your message
to the masses: you’ve gotta do more than launch.

You’ve gotta be a Launch Leader.
So what are you waiting for? Come get with us.
Ready to go Launch Leader with us?
Grab your access now.


Here’s how Launch Leader breaks down:
An Overview of Launching

Preparing for Your Launch

— Planning Your Launch Playlist
— All the Techy Stuff
— Offer Clarity


The L1 Launch
Gather Your Leads

Irresistible Lead Magnet Blueprints

— Challenges
— Book/Guide/Workbook
— Quiz/Survey/Assessment
— Summits


The L2 Launch
Test It Out

Irresistible Beta Program Blueprints

— Group Program
— Product Focus Group


The L3 Launch
Sell It Out

Program Offer Blueprints

— Basic Format
— Webinar
­— Video Series
— Livestream
— Live Event

The Bonuses

Irresistible Extras

— Copywriting Hacks
— Brand EcoSystem

Are you ready to transform yourself from “holding back” to “leader of the pack”?
Perfect. I’m with you
Join me for Launch Leader – and let’s get you into the spotlight, and selling like crazy.


Are you ready to transform yourself from “holding back” to “leader of the pack”?
Perfect. I’m with you
Join me for Launch Leader – and let’s get you into the spotlight, and selling like crazy.


To recap, I’ll be equipping you with everything you need to:
Gather your leads and your tribe, and get a gang of eager buyers ramped up and ready to rock with you

Do the kind of beta testing that pays, and turns your offering from great to freakin’ extraordinary

Make the most of group programs, live events, video trainings, and more, with strategies that blow your profits into the stratosphere

Market and brand yourself masterfully, with kickass bonuses to help you build your brand, and sell the hell out of your fantastic work

Come get with us. And let’s lead the way.


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