Congratulations, Launch Leader.

You’re in.

You’ll get an email from us shortly confirming your payment has been processed (in fact, it might already be in your inbox right now). Don’t see it? Check your spam box. If it’s still M.I.A., drop us a line at

Are you excited or what?  My team and I are pumped you’ve joined this course, and we know if you apply the principles in the playbooks we have going on for you, you will be rocking your brand like nobody’s business.

So to prep, let’s get you off on the right foot – whether it’s your first time launching, or your 50th.

Here’s what’s on the way:

  • Every week you’ll receive a notification that the next Playbook is ready for you to crack open, consume and apply.  The 5 Launch Leader Playbooks, are packed with the same step-by-step systems my brand experience agency uses to build 6, 7, and 8 figure launches and funnels for celebrity and corporate clients alike.
  • You’ll also explore my secrets to launching consistently and persistently, with clear intention. That means you’ll get everything you need to launch in a way that feels good, aligns with your goals, and communicates your brand’s mission to the world.
  • And, as promised, you’ll receive unprecedented behind-the-scenes looks at real-world examples, exercises, and blueprints to help you understand the process of launching the way the pros do. That means less “tear your hair out”, and “tear up the happy dance floor.”

This program is the result of my near-two decades helping big love brands launch in even bigger ways – to both a tribe that loves them, and a payday that blows anything they’ve done previously out of the water.

Raring to go? Here’s what you should do first.

1)  If you haven’t joined our online free community – Paid to Be You Posse, go to to be sure to be in on the conversation and to network with other Launch Leaders.  We want you to share your launch journey with us, because we know that it takes testing, tweaking and a lot of support from people who “get it”.  Don’t miss out on this connection, as I know that the reason for my success is the intentionality I’ve had with my tribe.

2) Get beyond excited to lead
It’s time to create, launch, and sell your greatest products ever. We can’t wait to show you the way.

Thank you so much for coming to play with us.
And thank yourself too.

You’ve just made the investment that can change everything in your business.

We’ll catch ya on the big day!



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